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Best Jobs in America - Software Architect ranked No. 1

Software Architect
Chaiken, a software engineer for more than two decades, relishes the more collaborative work.
Top 100 rank: 1
Sector: Information Technology

What they do: Like architects who design buildings, they create the blueprints for software engineers to follow -- and pitch in with programming too. Plus, architects are often called on to work with customers and product managers, and they serve as a link between a company's tech and business staffs.

What's to like: The job is creatively challenging, and engineers with good people skills are liberated from their screens. Salaries are generally higher than for programmers, and a typical day has more variety.

"Some days I'll focus on product strategy, and other days I'll be coding down in the guts of the system," says David Chaiken, 46, of Yahoo in Sunnyvale, Calif., whose current projects include helping the web giant customize content for its 600 million users. Even though programming jobs are moving overseas, the face-to-face aspect of this position helps cement local demand.

What's not to like: You are often outside the management chain of command, making it hard to get things done.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, and either a master's or considerable work experience to demonstrate your ability to design software and work collaboratively.

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Advancing IT Architecture Professional Excellence
Formerly known as IASA Foundation Certified (IFC)
About IASA
Architect Core Training (incl. IFC certification) 
Iasa Architect Core provides in-depth guidance for architects at all levels of capabilities that will change your career! 
IASA continues to expand its training course locations worlwide.
Sep. 26th 2011 - Sep. 30th 2011   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct.    3rd 2011 - Oct. 7th 2011    Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 10th 2011 - Oct. 14th 2011    Austin, TX, USA
Oct. 24th 2011 - Oct. 28th 2011    Seattle, WA, USA
Dec. 12th 2011 - Dec. 16th 2011   Milan, Italy
Jan. 23rd 2012 - Jan. 27th 2012    Boca Raton, Fl, USA
Please check each listing for more information. 
CITA-P Certification 
Earning a CITA-P Validates your experience as an IT Architect on a global level.  The certification is an industry standard, and the only truly global certification on the breadth of architectural skills and knowledge that is technology and vendor agnostic.
MSC Malaysia Professional Capability Development
MSC Malaysia Professional Capability Development is a programme that provides financial assistance to MSC Malaysia Status Organizations to enhance their local IT Professional’s skills and competency in good practices and emerging technologies by taking up professional certifications. 
Type of Financial Assistance
Financial assistance for MSC Malaysia Professional Capability Development is based on reimbursement basis.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Online Database / PDDT- ISI Web of Knowledge via EZ proxy problems resolve


Baru-baru ini sebelum cuti raya tempohari pihak Thomson Reuters pembekal Pangkalan Data Dalam Talian (PDDT) /Online database  ISI Web of Knowledge telah mengemaskini dan menaiktarafkan server mereka dari ke ,

Keadaan ini tidak memberi kesan kepada pengguna PDDT dari dalam Kampus yang menggunakan IP Network UiTM namun ia memberi kesan kepada pengguna dari luar kampus yang menggunakan sistem EZProxy melalui web   dimana mereka tidak boleh mengakses ISI Web of Knowledge seperti biasa.

Pihak JPJPD telah meletakan notis Gangguan Akses PDDT : ISI Web of Knowledge dilaman blog mereka

Berapa siri perbincangaan teknikal telah dilakukan diantara saya Faizar dan Hasnatul dari Unit Web, JPSTM , Nurul Diana dari JPJPD dan Thomson Reuters  yang melibatkan Aswini Sridharan,Product Support Analyst kemudian Kallal Ghosh, Customer Technical Support Representative dari India dan terakhir dengan Simon Betts, Customer Support Representative dari Hong Kong

Beberapa configuration telah dilakukan akhirnya penyelesaian telah didapati dengan menukarkan config berikut:

Configuration sebelum ini:

Title ISI Web Of Knowledge

Ditukarkan kepada Configuration berikut

Title ISI Web Of Knowledge
Find value="http://
Replace value="http://^A
Find VALUE="http://
Replace VALUE="http://^A
Find rurl=http://
Replace rurl=http://^A
Find product_st_thomas=http://
Replace product_st_thomas=http://^A
Find return_url=http://
Replace return_url=http://^A
Find ST_URL=http://
Replace ST_URL=http://^A
Replace "CIT.GATEWAY_URL">^^
Replace value='^^/gateway/Gateway.cgi'
Replace "CIT.GATEWAY_URL">^^
Replace value='^^/gateway/Gateway.cgi'
Option DomainCookieOnly
Title Researcher ID
Option Cookie

Sekiranya ada isu sebegini untuk journal journal yang lain, boleh rujuk kepada url berikut:

Alhamdulilah sekarang para pengguna ISI Web Of Knowledge dari luar kampus telah boleh menggunakan semula PDDT tersebut melalui web  EZProxy


username: student no.

password: i/c no without hyphen (-)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Diaries That Feel Like the Real Thing-Penzu


Name: Penzu

Quick Pitch: Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with a focus on privacy. Securely record your thoughts and ideas with the ease of writing on a pad of paper.

Genius Idea: A big part of blogging has always been about sharing your thoughts with others, but sometimes, you really just want to record your thoughts and keep them private — like you would in a traditional paper journal. Penzu brings the paper-journal experience (and aesthetic) to the web and offers private-entry by default and the ability to protect your entries with a password or high-level encryption.
Although most blogging or journaling platforms will let you make an entry private or select who it is shared with, the process isn’t always easy to manage. Plus, if someone has access to your account, they can still access your journal entries.

Because Penzu entries are private by default, the chances of your personal thoughts being seen by the wrong person are considerably lower. Also, because you can password protect or encrypt entries, even if someone breaks into your account (or you forget to log out or something), there can still be one more barrier protecting what you write from someone else’s eyes.



Penzu’s aesthetic looks like a piece of notebook paper — which is a pretty cute effect. If you do want to share an entry with someone, you can create a public entry for it and give it to whomever you choose. Unlike other journal or blogging services, there isn’t a main index of all entries – so only the links you share publicly are accessible.

Penzu is incredibly easy to use – if you’ve used Tumblr or any other instant-write platform, you’ll be comfortable. Penzu also recently introduced the ability to attach photos from Flickr — or your computer — to your journal entries.

For users who want more control, Penzu offers Penzu Pro. Penzu Pro is $19 a year and it offers the ability to customize your Penzu backgrounds, format text, control the date for your entries (so you can backdate old entries), import entries from LiveJournal and export entries as text or PDF files. Penzu Pro also offers 256-bit AES encryption in addition to the standard password-lock option available on free accounts.

If you want to keep a record of your thoughts, but you don’t want to share them with the world (or with Google), you might want to give Penzu a try. What tools do you use for recording your private thoughts?



  • Privacy First  Penzu was designed to focus on privacy. Unlike blogging, your entries are private by default! More →
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand…
    Insert your own photos (now with flickr) and bring your entries to life! More →
  • Share if You Want To  You can share your individual entries via email or create a public link and share with the world. More →
  • Autosaving  Write as much as you want for as long as you want and your work is saved as you type! More →




  • Go Mobile!  Use Penzu on your iPhone,iPadBlackberry, and Android device. Instantly save, sync, and access offline.More →
  • Ultimate Privacy  With Penzu Pro, you can protect your entries with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. More →
  • Express Yourself  Customize your entry backgrounds, pad style, and text formatting to suit your mood. More →
  • You Own Your Data  Your entries can be exported to multiple formats giving you more control over your private data. More →
  • Penzu Post  Send entries to your Penzu journal from any email address any time. Email to get started. More →
  • I Love Penzu






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